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Patient Portal

Patient Portal

i2m Dental Patient Portal is a 3rd party solution that provides a secure access to our patients. The following services are available through the Portal.

  1. Secure Webmail : allows secure communication between the dentist and the patient. As per our Patient Communication Policy, we will not send any personal information to you over digital media. When the dentist sends you an email, you will receive an email on your personal email with a notification that a secure message is waiting in your Patient Portal Inbox.
  2. Access to Dental Records: You will have 24/7 access to all your information accessible over secure https web connection.
  3. Account Statements : All the statements sent to you will also be available online in your account.

Payment Center

Payment center is a 3rd Party solution that provides us with the ability to offer you access to make your payments online. This solution will help us in sending to you your account statements.

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