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Our Values

Our Clinical values: Ethics in our industry conveys a very simple message to all the practitioners - put the interest of the patient ahead of that of our own and practice dentistry for the rest of your career. We believe in the intent of the regulations and will uphold the highest ethical standards while serving our patients.

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Our Business Values: Flow of money should always be channeled in order to maximize social output, the only way we know of contributing to social justice in the very society that we depend on.

Our Strategy: We only buy what we need and only sell what you need, thereby, eliminating wastage and staying lean and agile.

If you feel we have faltered, give us a chance by bringing it to our attention at improve@i2mDental.com or call us at 1-844-i2m-Dent

Dr. Pallavi Sinha, D.M.D.
Sole Member and Owner of SmileYourWay LLC, a Maryland Company, doing business as "i2m Dental"

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